Payment of Wages

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 is a central legislation which has been enacted to regulate the payment of wages to workers employed in certain specified industries and to ensure a speedy and effective remedy to them against illegal deductions and/or unjustified delay caused in paying wages to them. The Act aims to ensure prompt & full payment of wages to persons employed in industry. Hence, the main object of the Act is to eliminate all malpractices by laying down the time and mode of payment of wages as well as securing that the workers are paid their wages at regular intervals, without any unauthorized deductions.

Services provided by us:

  • Providing consultancy and guidance regarding rules pertaining to Payment of Wages
  • Replying  to Show Cause Notices issued under Payment of Wages Act
  •  Assistance at the time of inspections and enquiries conducted by the Inspector.
  • Giving timely updates and informing about notifications if any.