Important Forms under Various Acts


Nomination Form Form 2
For claiming EDLI Assurance Benefit Form No. 5IF
Pension fund withdrawal form / Scheme certificate Form No. 10 C
For claiming Pension Form No. 10 D
Declaration while joining  to declare whether excluded or not Form No. 11
Transfer of PF account with new company Form No. 13
PF withdrawal form Form No. 19
PF withdrawal form for Claimant Form No. 20
Advances / Loan from the EPF contribution Form No. 31


Form Of Annual Information Form 01
Employer’s registration Form ESI Form 01A
Declaration Form Form-1
Addition-Deletion in Family Declaration Form Form-2
Application for Name Change and DOB change BRO 266
Claim for Sickness-TDB-MB Form-9
Accident Book Form-11
Accident Report from Employer Form-12
Claim for Permanent Disablement Benefit Form-14
Claim for Dependent Benefit Form-15
Claim for Maternity Benefit and Notice of Work Form-19
Claim for Maternity Benefit after the death of an IW Form-20
Funeral Expenses Claim Form-22
Life Certificate for Permanent Disablement Benefit Form-23
Dependant benefits declaration  Form-24
Certificate of re-employment /continuing employment to be furnished in
case of exit cases
Form 37


Employer’s Registration Form Form I
Application Form for Certificate of Enrolment /Revision of Certificate of Enrolment Form Form-II
Return-cum-Challan Form-III
Chalan for payment of Profession Tax for PT Enrollment Certificate holder Form-VIII


MLWF Proforma for New Coverage Proforma
MLWF Challan Form A-1 Cum Return Form A-1 Cum Return

Contract Labour Act

Forms to be submitted for obtaining license, Registers and Records to be maintained and made available for Inspection and the Reports & Returns to be submitted by the Licensing Contractor.

Description Maharashtra
Application to be made for obtaining a license (In Triplicate) Form IV
Certificate to be issued by the principal employer to the contractor & to be enclosed with the application for license Form V
Application to be made for renewal of license Form VII
Identity card to be issued to each workman by the contractor on the first day of the employment of the worker Form X
Combined Muster Roll-Cum-Wage Register to be maintained by the contractor as per Minimum Wages Rules 1963 Muster Roll-Cum-Wage Register

Principal Employer

Forms to be submitted for Registration, Records to be maintained & Returns to be submitted by the principal employer

Description Maharashtra Rules
Application for registration of establishment employing contract labours to be made by principal employer (In triplicate) I
Certificate to be issued to the contractor by the principal employer V
Register of contractors to be maintained by the principal employer in respect of his registered establishment VIII
Annual Return to be sent in duplicate to the Registering officer by the principal employer XXI

Payment Of Gratuity Act

Notice of Opening Form A
Notice of Change Form B
Nomination Form Form F
Fresh Nomination Form Form G
Notice for payment of gratuity Form L
Abstract of the Act and Rules Form U

Bonus Act

Computation Of The Allocable Surplus Form A
Set And Set-Off Allocable Surplus Form B
Register of Bonus Paid To Employees Form C
Annual Return Form D

Maternity Benefits Act and Maharashtra Rules

Notice under section 6 of the Maternity Benefit Act Form 1
Abstract of the Act and the rules Form 9
Maternity Benefit Register Form 10
Annual Return Form 11

Minimum Hra Act

Register of House-Rent Allowance Form A
Register of Workmen Form I

Shop And Establishment Act

Registration Form A
Renewal of License Form B
Changes in the Certificate Form E
The dates on which lime washing , color washing , painting is carried out Form F

Equal Remuneration

Register under Rule 6 Form D

Employment Exchange

Notification of Vacancies Form Under Rule 4(1)
Quarterly Return ER I
Biennial Return ER II