Factories Act

The main objectives of the Factories Act, 1948 are to regulate the working conditions in factories, to regulate health, safety welfare, and annual leave and enact special provision in respect of young persons, women and children who work in the factories. 

Services provided by us:

  •  1. Registration of factories under the Act;
  • 2. Providing consultancy on day to day matters pertaining to the Act;
  • 3. Correspondence / Liaisoning with concerned authorities under the Act;
  • 4. Assistance in complying the duties of occupier / manufacturer as prescribed under the Act;
  • 5. Preparation & Maintenance of various Registers & Records as provide under the like Register of     Adult Workers, Register of Child Workers Register of Compensatory Holiday, Humidity Register,      Register of Wages, Register of Leave with wages, etc.; 
  • 6. Preparation & Submissions of various forms, returns & reports from time to time as prescribed under the Act;
  • 7. Replying / satisfying Show Cause Notices;
  • 8. Assistance at the time of inspection and search of any factory by Inspector;
  • 9. Representing occupier / manufacturer at the enquiries conducted by the inspector;